October 19, 2016 at 6:30pm - 8pm


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New Zealand

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Let's make the Tarawera swimmable again.

The Green Party have launched a campaign to fight for rivers that are clean enough to swim in, not just wade through.  We’ve chosen ten rivers from around the country to visit, and highlight what needs to happen to make all our rivers clean enough to swim in again.

Our MP Catherine Delahunty has already visited Ruamāhanga, Waikirikiri and Waitara rivers. Her next stop is the Tarawera.

But we need your help to invite local people to turnout to the public meeting

The calling is really, really easy. There are two parts to it. We invite them to the local meeting and we check that they have signed the petition. The people we are calling are a list of "green friendly people" so most of them will be really nice to talk to.


We provide a full 20 minute training on a conference call first to make sure you are happy with the call script and the calling system. Then we go for it!

It just takes an hour and a half of your Wednesday night, and you'll be joined by volunteers throughout the country - all calling in from the comfort of their homes too! RSVP now to make sure you get the full instructions for Wednesday night. 

New Zealand’s rivers can be clean enough to swim in, but only if the government lift its standards. Tangata whenua, communities, industry and farmers can’t clean rivers on their own. They need the Government to help.


Will you come?

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